Nicole van den Berg (1994) is active within the realm of both performance and visual art. She graduated in 2017 from Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg, where she studied modern dance and dance theatre. Next to developing her own artistic practice she been working as a performer with among others Dario Tortorelli, De Nederlandse Reisopera, Annemijn Rijk and Loïc Perela, as well as several visual artists including Moniek Smeets and Szu-Yi Wang.

Eventhough her background lies mainly in dance, she finds herself shifting more towards visual theatre, in which movement remains an important component. She has a particular interest in creating masks, for they allow us as human beings to transform and tell stories by becoming anything we want, for maybe as long as we have been around. She enjoys working with basic materials such as paper or cardboard, or waste materials she finds along the street. Her work often relates to nature, including organic textures, animals, and other occurring phenomana such as growth and disintegration.

Being dear friends and colleagues, Nicole van den Berg and Suzan Stouthart created the artistic alter ego ‘Suni Berghart’ as a platform for their numerous collaborations. To visit her Youtube-channel, simply click her face.

The lovely Suni Berghart